Love Off Camera

Dirty Beats


Rockstar Valentine’s Day Romance

A Russian drummer. An Italian Heartthrob. A girl who dreads Valentine’s Day. And an adult-themed anti Valentine’s day party that brings them all together.

My name is Maggie Dawson. Architect by day. Aspiring writer by night. Single and definitely, irrevocably, absolutely, totally not looking.
Men are just…
I lie in bed, eyes closed, fists clenched, trying so hard not to think about my last epic relationship failure.
Or the one before.
Or the one before that… Well, you get the picture.
Courtesy of my narcissistic sociopath of a mother, I have serious abandonment, trust and self-esteem issues. Awesome combination, I know.
I’ve never had enough confidence to think I’m good enough for any man who shows me any sort of affection. Every time a guy says the L word or hints at a committing long term relationship, I panic. Literally, have a panic attack, break the guy’s heart and run.
At the same time, I’m afraid of being alone. That’s why I tend to attract a shitload of douchebags and stay with them to fill the void.
So here I am, living in a small apartment in L.A., unable to keep a single decent guy, uncertain about everything in life.

When Viktor—a very sexy Russian drummer who’s been warming my bed recently and not exactly a douche, but I’m sure he’ll show his true colors eventually—invites me to an anti Valentine’s Day party where he and the band play a couple of songs, I don’t know it’s going to be one of the craziest and most terrible nights of my life.
Especially when it turns out it’s not an anti V-day party.
And I see Mike Gennaro there.
My Italian heartthrob best friend, and the only guy I’m sure I won’t have a panic attack if he says the L word to me.

When dirty secrets and lies are revealed, what will each of the three do?
Get cozy with your favorite drink and grab your copy of Dirty Beats to find out what is going on between Maggie, her date the sexy Russian drummer, and her best friend the Italian Hollywood heartthrob on that crazy adult-themed party night in this super steamy contemporary romance.


Season 1


Episode One

Her Italian heartthrob best friend. A packing, sexy broker with the cheekbones of a model. A secret crush. And lots of dirty hot and shocking secrets. 

Successful architect Maggie Dawson leaves the security of her job to pursue her passion as a filmmaker, but making her first showcase movie costs a lot of cash. To get the funds she has two options.

One: Ask her parents for help, despite their disapproval and skepticism.

Two: Ask…Mike Gennaro. Her best friend A-list actor.

Except that both options are toxic.

She’s had a crush on the Italian heartthrob for years, but she knows better than to act upon her feelings. Her mother, Andrea, is his agent, and she’s spent a lifetime convincing Maggie she’s neither good for him or Hollywood.

Throw in Maggie’s current boyfriend Kyle and everything gets even more complicated.

What would Maggie do to get the money for her movie, and at the same time not rekindle the old flame she has for Mike to keep her first decent boyfriend Kyle?

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Episode Two

Maggie’s tongue slip last episode might cost her her boyfriend Kyle. Could he be more understanding and realize she was just wasted?
And when Mike invites Maggie and Kyle to one of his parties, is it really about apologizing and getting to know his best friend’s boyfriend? Or does he have something else in mind?

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Love Off Camera is a serial contemporary romance of 14 episodes published weekly with very sexy men eligible to be your book boyfriends and an epic love story packed with all the feels we crave and crazy dysfunctional family drama and secrets.

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Episode Three

Maggie has been busting her butt, stressing out, to finish her short film to meet the festival submission deadline. But when Mike surprises her with his visit, all the stress seems to vanish when she sees his face.

He’s told her he wouldn’t return home till Christmas, but he’s come all the way to L.A. for one night only, and he’ll spend it all with her.
They go to dinner, but the night veers a little differently than planned with dazzling gifts and spilled-out secrets that make dodging paparazzi nothing but childplay.

And when Maggie goes back home to Kyle, the night takes an unexpected turn that could change both their lives forever.



Episode Four

Maggie cuts ties with Mike and moves in with Kyle in a desperate attempt to make their relationship work. But when Mike confesses on national TV he’s in love with a girl he can’t have, the consequences on both Maggie’s side and his are unexpected.

Now Kyle drops a surprise bombshell on Maggie’s birthday for which everybody is unprepared. Will things go their way or will the birthday party turn into a complete disaster and juicy material for the tabloids and gossip magazines?



Episode Five

Now that Kyle is proposing, Mike is about to break all the rules and confess his love for his best friend.

Can his manager talk some sense into Mike and stop him from turning Maggie’s birthday party into an national scandal?
Or does Mike finally find the courage to tell Maggie she’s always been the girl he’s in love with and can’t have?

And can Maggie overcome her fears and make the one decision that will change everything for Kyle, Mike and herself once and for all?
This feverish episode is full of heat and surprises.



Episode Six

Best friends to lovers Mike Gennaro and Maggie Dawson are finally together, but dating the Italian heartthrob who holds the record for the Sexiest Man Alive isn’t an easy task when you’re a insecure, emotionally abused girl like Maggie.

Now she has to deal with her angry, unforgiving ex-boyfriend, the whole country that now hates her and call her names for “stealing” the most eligible bachelor in Hollywood, and her own demons and insecurities.

Add to the equation a big secret on Mike’s side, and she gets an epic mess to live through.


Season 2

Made of Stars

Episode Seven

From Bestselling author N.J. Adel comes Unproposed, Episode Five of 14, filled with love, lust, angst, steam and Hollywood dirt. Love Off Camera is now live.

Her Italian heartthrob best friend. A packing, sexy broker with the cheekbones of a model. A secret crush. And lots of dirty hot and shocking secrets. 

From Bestselling author N.J. Adel comes Made of Stars, Episode Seven of 14, filled with love, lust, angst, steam and Hollywood dirt. Love Off Camera is now live.

Her Italian heartthrob best friend. A packing, sexy broker with the cheekbones of a model. A secret crush. And lots of dirty hot and shocking secrets. 


…And Scars

Episode Eight

Maggie finds out her own mother is out to sabotage her career, and finally she summons up the courage to confront her.

Can Maggie win for once with the one person who should have loved her the most instead of being her enemy? Or will she succumb into a deep depression and even Mike can’t save her from herself?


Heroes and Villains

Episode Nine

Maggie faces yet another challenge making a movie with Mike. When heroes turn into villains, can Maggie and Mike keep their love for each other and succeed in making a career together? Or something is gotta give?


Just like the Movies

Episode Ten

After Mike confronts Andrea once and for all, Maggie and he have eight months of peace. They finally get to live their romance Hollywood style. Yet at the peak of their happiness, everything changes and their worlds, hearts and souls are shaken to the core.


Plot Twist

Episode Eleven

When Maggie finds out the secret between Mike and her mother, can she handle the truth or are the damage and old wounds Andrea has caused too much to bear?


Off Camera

Episode Twelve

Maggie and Mike confront each other for the last time. When each of them is bare before the other, no more secrets or masks, could they both forgive?


Happy Ending

Episode Thirteen

The finale is here!

Download Happy Ending, Love Off Camera Final Episode to find out what happens in the end. I promise it’s a happy ending


A Femdom Dark Romance

Darkness Between Us

A Femdom Dark Romance Novella

One woman has turned Landon Sander, the twenty-sever-year-old billionaire, into the submissive masochist he is now. Even if she’s long gone, a size-eight blonde mistress, who looks exactly like the woman he loved and loathed the most, walks into the play dungeon of his BDSM club and reminds him how weak and sick he still is.

Obsessed with the sexy mistress with her red heels and piercing eyes, Landon pursues her as if she’s his last hope, not knowing why she won’t take him as her sub or that she has secrets much darker than his.

Mistress Godiva doesn’t take new subs. But Landon’s obsession with her, the pain and humiliation he’s willing to take in order to make him hers, and above all the torment in his eyes turn her on.
She wants him now. But when she knows the secret behind his obsession with her, it opens an old wound that is too much to bear.

Mistress Godiva is exactly what Landon needs, and she, too, needs him more than he thinks.
But the darkness in his past and hers stands between.

Whether it destroys them both or unites their damaged hearts… read DARKNESS BETWEEN US to find out.