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N.J. Adel’s Book Signings, 2024

I’m so excited to announce that I’ll be attending for the first time 2 book signing events in the UK this summer, July 2024.

P.S. if you’re from the UK but can’t go to the below events, you can still order the signed paperbacks, and I’ll ship them to you between July 14-17. It’ll save u a lot of money on shipping costs compared to when you order through the regular form.

Event 1: British Book Bash
July 6, 2024, The Cresset, Peterborough!
Event 2: Rebels & Outlaws
July 13, 2024, Double Tree Hotel in Liverpool!
UK Signed Paperbacks SHIPPING ONLY
July 14-17, 2024

All your preorders come with exclusive FREE swag until April 15, 2024 🙂

Series is Now Complete


New DARK Mafia Romance

I am the villain, the psycho, the monster. And I’m obsessed with the woman that shattered me to pieces and married my father.
He’s left me to pay for all his mistakes with blood, pain, loneliness and heartache while he lives like a king and gets the girl
War is in order. Sins of the father never die. I’ll fight to the last drop of my blood, but I vow I won’t be the only one bleeding.
The finale is here. Are you ready?

The Italian Son is a DARK Mafia Romance and the finale of the Mafia world in The Italians series. This is Leo’s book and CANNOT be read as a standalone. You have to, at least, read The Italian Dom and preferably The Italian Obsession and Savage Crown first.
One-Click now.

Reading Order
1-The Italian Marriage (standalone and can be read in any order)
2-The Italian Obsession (standalone and can be read in any order)
3-The Italian Dom (duet, better read AFTER The Italian Obsession)
3.5-Savage Crown (standalone novella better read BETWEEN The Italian Dom and The Italian Son)
4-The Italian Son (duet, MUST be read AFTER The Italian Dom)

Spin-off non Mafia books
1- The Italian Heartthrob (standalone, better read BEFORE The Italian Obsession)
2- The Italian Happy Ever After (standalone, better read AFTER The Italian Son)
Read them all now


Now an Audiobook

Standalone Forbidden Romance

Forbidden is what we are…

I was 10. You were 19.

You wanted to be a chef. My mom made you a star.

I’m 24. You’re 33.

You hold the record for the Sexiest Man Alive.

I’m still the lost, rejected, damaged girl who can’t find herself anywhere but in your protective arms.

I loved you when I was 10. I love you now.

You call me your best friend, and you still see me as a kid.

I’m 25 with a man on one knee in front of me.

You’re watching through the glass. One word from you is all I need.

But you hold a secret that can destroy us both.

I’ve known you my whole life. Loved you my whole life.

Never thought when I die, it will be because of you.

This is NOT a Mafia novel. The Italian Heartthrob is a forbidden friends to lovers standalone. The dark themes may set you in tears.

Get it now because you have to.


Paranormal Reverse Harem Complete Series

Now an international bestselling series in US, UK and AU

Complete series. No more waiting!

All the Teacher’s Beasts (Fast Burn Insta Love RH. The story of Belle and her harem)
The last time my teacher laid a hand on me, he almost killed me

All the Teacher’s Bad Boys (Medium Burn Enemies to Lovers and Brother’s Best Friends. MC paranormal RH. The story of Vixen and her harem)
A bad boy left me at the altar nine years ago. Today, the devil gives me a chance to have my revenge.

All the Teacher’s Prisoners (Medium Burn Dark Paranormal Prison RH with MM. The story of Divina and her harem)

I investigate a murder at a paranormal prison and end up behind bars with four psycho inmates.


Native American, half vampire, half lion shifter, in prison for double homicide (and my student)


Black, silver hair, violet eyes, treacherous fae, in prison for identity theft and possible murder


Dangerously sexy, bisexual Italian demon, and one of the devil’s bastards, in prison for armed robbery


HUGE Irish golden dragon, in prison for arson

They will use me in ways I never thought possible. But they don’t know who I really am. What I really am.

My family has danced with the devil, and I inherited the darkness.

When in danger, when my family is in danger, I don’t just bite, I don’t just kill, I’m more psycho than all of you, and I won’t hesitate to bring the world upside down.

All the Teacher’s Little Belles (The story of Belle and her harem continues in this big finale)
Hell breaks loose. Heaven too.
All this because I’m trying to have a baby?
What the hell? What the heaven?
So what if the devil is a potential father? He’s set up a franchise already. I don’t see anything break loose for his other children. So why mine?
Just saying, if I make a baby with this angel that’s coming to stop us instead, no one will get this angry.
Except for my four boyfriends.
But he’s a really cute angel.
Shut up, Belle. This angel is coming to kill us all… And you can’t have another boyfriend.
Or can I?
This is the sequel of All the Teacher’s Pet Beasts, and the finale of this series. 

Read the complete series now. Because you have to. 

“Once I started reading this book , I couldn’t put it down and look forward to reading more from this author. ”

Amazon Reviewer

“It’s pretty intense at times and you are drawn in at the very beginning, luckily it is only a short book as you won’t want to put it down once you start reading. ”

Amazon Reviewer

“ I liked the interaction between the two main characters & was impressed she wasn’t a helpless female & that he let her take the lead in smexy times. ”

Amazon Reviewer

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