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Motorcycle Club Romance

The Night Skulls MC Romance

The Night Skulls MC Texas Chapter

Dark Forbidden Taboo MC Romance

  • Furore: Part One

  • Tirone Part: Two


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#1 multicultural romance in 3 countries
#2 Organized Crime

Unwanted by my own father, dumped by my ex, all I want is someone to tell me I’m good enough
Then, Furore, the Night Skulls MC president, the cartel’s man and the Lanza Mafia crime family’s friend, shows up in the prison writing class I teach and looks at me like I’m his good girl
About to be his very bad girl…

Even if his protective arms save me, when you trust an animal in a cage you never know when he’ll bite
He won’t just leave a mark
He’ll brand you with blood and ink
His property forever
But when our secrets are intertwined in the most forbidden way, threatening to destroy us both, will he still be my protector or the one who delivers my soul to the hell I’ve been running away from all my life?

A must read for dark romance and forbidden romance fans, but do NOT read if you have any triggers
This book is part one of a duet. Of course, there are questions and conflicts to be resolved in part 2 Tirone

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I saw her first
Pure and untouched, my forbidden teacher, my obsession and the tamer of the devil inside
I was her first and should have been her last
Until I broke her heart

Thinking he can protect her, she throws herself into his arms
The man whose name I carry, the president of the Night Skulls MC
But the mafia revenge that’s been threatening her life isn’t what she needs protection from
It’s me and the devil inside that’s now roaming free
Because every time I watch my father’s hand on what’s mine, I hurt someone she cares about
Until there’s no one left
But him
Unless she leaves him and returns to me, right where she belongs
Will she make the right choice? It doesn’t matter.
My little faerie, you’re mine. If I can’t have you, no one else will.

Tirone is the part two of this duet and answers all the questions in Furore. Must be read AFTER Furore.
It’s dark, depraved and not for the faint of heart.
Do NOT read if you have any triggers.
Lovers of really dark romance and forbidden tabb00s will devour this duet
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Savage Crown

A Dark Anastasia Modern Retelling

Part of Bleeding Souls Saved by Love Universe (Wicked Warriors MC Kentucky Chapter)

They say a Bratva Princess rose from the dead. She has a bounty on her head.
Two. One alive. One dead.
The money is good, and the Wicked Warriors and I live for that thrill.
Only problem? She’s a ghost. A rumor.
Who cares? All I have to do is find a bait that fits the description.

She walks right into my bar. A huntress posing as prey. Unlucky for her, I don’t care how hard she fights or lies to make me let her go. I own her soul. I get to decide which bounty to collect.
But there are far more dangerous secrets lying behind those blue eyes, and when she begs me to save her, my options are no longer two.

Deliver her to her family
Deliver her head to her enemy
Give in to my hunger for Anastasia Romanov, the Bratva long lost princess, and keep her my captive forever
Even if it puts a bounty on my own head…

Enjoy the wild ride with the Wicked Warriors MC, Kentucky Chapter, in this Anastasia fairytale retelling.
Get your copy of Savage Crown now. I know you want it.