The Italian Heartthrob

The Italian Heartthrob

Maggie and Mike’s Forbidden Romance

Forbidden is what we are…
I was 10. You were 19.
You wanted to be a chef. My mom made you a star.
I’m 24. You’re 33.
You hold the record for the Sexiest Man Alive.
I’m still the lost, rejected, damaged girl who can’t find herself anywhere but in your protective arms.

I loved you when I was 10. I love you now.
You call me your best friend, and you still see me as a kid.
I’m 25 with a man on one knee in front of me.
You’re watching through the glass. One word from you is all I need.
But you hold a secret that can destroy us both.

I’ve known you my whole life. Loved you my whole life.
Never thought when I die, it will be because of you.

This is NOT a Mafia novel. The Italian Heartthrob is a forbidden friends to lovers standalone. The dark themes may set you in tears.
Get it now because you have to.

The Italian Happy Ever After Steamy Office Romantic Comedy

One thong…actually two

One night of what could have been the best sex in my life

One lie

That lead to another…and another

Then everything becomes at stake. My job, secrets and whole life are now in the hands of Manhattan’s cocky, gorgeous, insufferable answer to Magic Mike

Why didn’t we just stick to the plan? One night of fake dating to save my job, and then it’s over.

But he wants things I can’t give. Yet I could lose everything I worked hard to protect if I didn’t.

Even my heart.

Can what starts as fake and ends in disaster become a happy ever after?

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A new standalone single dad, age gap, fake fiancé, office romance that will make you laugh, cry and melt your panties.

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