They say a Bratva Princess rose from the dead. She has a bounty on her head.
Two. One alive. One dead.
The money is good, and the Wicked Warriors and I live for that thrill.
Only problem? She’s a ghost. A rumor.
Who cares? All I have to do is find a bait that fits the description.

She walks right into my bar. A huntress posing as prey.
Unlucky for her, I don’t care how hard she fights or lies to make me let her go.
I own her soul. I get to decide which bounty to collect.
But there are far more dangerous secrets lying behind those blue eyes, and when she begs me to save her, my options are no longer two.

Deliver her to her family
Deliver her head to her enemy
Give in to my hunger for Anastasia Romanov, the Bratva long lost princess, and keep her my captive forever
Even if it puts a bounty on my own head…

Read this motorcycle club Mafia romance in an Anastasia fairytale retelling now.
Best read between The Italian Dom and The Italian Son BUT can be read as a standalone
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